Unmellow Yellow


After being hiatus for almost two months I have finally got myself working on all my backlogs. This was intended to be posted by Mid Oct-November but I least prioritize this creative space, for a lot of things had been really going. The idea; to post everything before the year ends. We’ll see about that.



Yellow 2



Yellow 5



I have always thought that “ber” months will be one of the best time to layer. No need to pretend about any scorching heat cause it gets pretty chilly. As I have moved out of my comfort zone, I’ve been trying to dive into different trends; coordinates as an example and mainly, the “print on print”. It gets pretty tricky having a print on print look, aside from the fact that it may look too loud, it just takes time to think on what to pair with what. But found this skirt in a thrift shop (yes I check thrift some at times!) and it just perfectly matches this checked cover up that I got from a bazaar. It’s bizarre. Cutting edges while diving in to a more sleek look, is what this check print can give.

I have tried adding some colors to my recent entries. If it won’t be seen in my garb, then it probably is in the background setting of where we shoot lol. Aside from black being too good to be paired with anything, it just gives me the “unmellow” somber vibe but thanks to Yellow Cab’s  exteriors (not sponsored lol). I managed to add some hue to this post.

Share with me the trends that you’ve been eyeing! Would love to hear them in the comment sections!
Photos by Monica Padillo



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