Tanned Tone

Tan turtle Neck with button down Denim Skirt

Tan nude turtle neck trend with button down denim skirt 80sTan nude turtle neck trend with button down denim skirt 80sTan turtle neck trend with button down denim skirt 80s Tan nude turtle neck trend with button down denim skirt 80s
urtle neck top from HM/ Button down denim skirt from @awesomefinds (visit their instagram)

An overdue blog post from the time Im still having a holiday slack and can’t get over with turtle necks & what vibe it actually gives. This look was basically intended for fall and winter. Hopefully it’s never late to channel inner 80s with the button down denim skirt and your favorite turtle neck because winter ends on March. While we still in the midst of February’s breeze, we can still step up our layering game. I actually think that the quintessential retro-vibe will continue as summer hits this year. Denim craze are always on track in every season’s trend: Weather it’s your polo, jeans, dress or skirt, it just never go out of style just like the button down denim skirt.

As I toned different colors, coming out from my comfort zone of white/black on black, it was just recent that i’ve learned to embrace the fact that neutral and pale colored pieces are just everything you can love. Tan pale pieces lightens up when your style statement are too much edgy. It can be mistaken as a girly-go outfit but mostly, it’s refreshing and versatile. Earthy tones (same with the pale yellowish turtle neck i’m wearing) looks good with whatever skin tone. And to finally complete the look, pair it with your white kicks! It’s a massive hit back from the 70s but can be absolutely worn with today’s trend! Never gets old.

I still have a lot of blog drafts and back logs and hoping to consistently become active soon!

What are your thoughts about the turtle necks and denim skirts?


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