In Between Hues


In between color hues Minimal styling has been my complete go-to. I am one of those that go like “Nothing to wear? ” “Wear black or white!” (I need to get more of the printed hued looks, I know). One of the rooftop sessions that I had with Monica way back months ago. I think […]

La Fleur

floppy hat from SM department store/ Daisy dress from Cotton On / Jenny Mandals from HueManila  Changing the game because we’re actually already in the line between summer and fall that triggered me to wear floppy hats these past days. Naming this blog post as “La Fleur” which is actually the french translation of “The […]

Stripping Comic

I almost abandoned this blog. Every time  I look at my blog’s link in every study break I had, it felt so nostalgic. After not blogging for almost 1 and a half month, I’m in deep bliss to post something again. I only have 2 weeks for vacation and of course, the whole 2 weeks is […]

Laid Black

Black looks good all the time. I ain’t victoria secret body angels but I find highwaist jeans and crop top very perfect . I find dark colors  so elegant and classic.  I’ve been telling this since last year. It’s actually my first time to wear something black over black. I usually wear it with denim, […]

Blurred Lines

If you guys are thinking why did I called it blurred lines, it’s because my dress’ design are lines. It would be a lot common to name it nautical, stripes etc. Say hello again to another denim piece. It  made the whole style a little less monotonous. And did I already share how cute is […]