Slouchy on a Laid back day

F21 denim jacket/ Zara jogger jeans/   After being an MIA for almost four months, I’m finally back on track. The demand of school’s work loads that I’ve been through is no joke. Taking a bit of my summer break goes to the jogger jeans trend! I’ve been saving this blog post for a month. […]

Back to Basic

Rugged Jeans American Eagle Apparel | Black heels Zara | Cami top Cotton On Been inactive because I was thrown by countless numbers of , quizzes and a lot more. This is much missed! I know we are experiencing unpredictable rainy days which does not perfectly suits my outfit above, because this was taken last June […]


Changes of season can sometimes be a change of style. It’s rainy season where, tank tops, denim and ombre summer shorts are gone by now and indeed replaced by sweaters, pants, leathers et al. Let’s face the fact that there are still days were the sun is uncooperative that make you go fall in love […]


White skater from @GangandGlamour/ Topshop Denim Corset/ Espadrilles denim wedge I can’t believe I haven’t post anything for the month of May. The moment of summer for me has finally arrived because my summer classes had ended. However, it started raining. The weather is such a douche. Rain is very much needed because of the unbearable […]

Overall Overload

Lately, I’ve been thinking of ways on how to fully utilize my time especially that I have only 2 weeks vacation before summer classes starts. (don’t mention it. I know it’s such a bummer). Spring is one of the best seasons where you can wear anything that you are confident to wear. I think the […]

Stripping Comic

I almost abandoned this blog. Every time  I look at my blog’s link in every study break I had, it felt so nostalgic. After not blogging for almost 1 and a half month, I’m in deep bliss to post something again. I only have 2 weeks for vacation and of course, the whole 2 weeks is […]

Neutral Shock

Neutrals are so easy to style just like my Zara inpired origami skirt from @gangandglamour (visit them in instagram also). Do pay them a visit it is so worth ewvery penny and it’s not cheap YET AFFORDABLE! Same goes with my ultra denim ombre vest from @polytowie! It takes me hundread years to style this […]

Featured: Youroutfittoday

I thank every opportunity that this blog has been giving me! From sponsors to blog features. It feels so good that people indeed appreciate what you love to do. This is a late post but I am posting it anyway lol. Was featured at 🙂 go visit them for moreinfos 🙂 It is such […]

Tropical & Nautical

Hello hello blogging! You have no idea how I missed typing words about a Sunday outfit and of course the very known, ootd. If there will be a Missin in Action award in Oscars, I am sure that I would won the title. I was swamped with stuffs and homework lately! experienced a tiring week […]

Street Sessions x ModaandStile/Closed

Since it is my birthday month giveaway, I couldn’t let this month pass by without sharing all my blessings and love to you guys. Another favorite shop of mine that I usually bought stuffs before had collaborated with me in sponsoring Street Sesh and giving you some surprises! Modaandstile x Street Sessions is giving awesome […]