Clean Slate


  Light, dressed down, clean. It’s no secret that trends these days just come and go like a fast shift of the 80s trend to present, compressed in a year. But there will always come a time where you nonchalantly dress down. And when you mean dressing down, it also means having a “clean slate” […]

Slouchy on a Laid back day

F21 denim jacket/ Zara jogger jeans/   After being an MIA for almost four months, I’m finally back on track. The demand of school’s work loads that I’ve been through is no joke. Taking a bit of my summer break goes to the jogger jeans trend! I’ve been saving this blog post for a month. […]

Back to Basic with a Tee

I have always considered that pants were sexy and very comfortable to wear. It makes you long legged and makes your legs’ shape very visual. However, it is also one of the hardest fashion attire to wear since you need a very nice and fashionating top just to make it more attractive. Wearing pants is […]

Never Trashy

Diary of a Style broadcaster style#8! Well, say hello to my entry wearing a jeans! it’s quite usual in my entries posting about wearing a dress shorts anything else except for our “comfy bestfriend” in malling which is jeans! For a change I posted an ‘ootd’ about jeans. For those who aren’t comfortable in wearing […]