In Between Hues


In between color hues Minimal styling has been my complete go-to. I am one of those that go like “Nothing to wear? ” “Wear black or white!” (I need to get more of the printed hued looks, I know). One of the rooftop sessions that I had with Monica way back months ago. I think […]

Going Black & White

My come back post after not blogging for 3 days! Been┬ávery busy with outings. I need to live my blogging life to the fullest since I am going to have classes next week. Such a summer bummer. Anyway, this post is one of the shot thet I am waiting to do. Yes because it’s black […]

Color Splash

I have been very busy lately didn’t have anytime to update my blog. Anyway, let’s begin with the session.. “Diary of a Style Broadcaster entry #5: Color Splash” So lately I’ve been designing my own clothes and here is my first ever clothing design. (Okay I am not a fashion designer) so I am feeling […]

Tribal Aztech

So in my previous blog I have already started my “Diary of a style broadcaster”.This is the second entry of “Diary of a style broadcaster” and it’s called It’s is actually my first time to have an “aztec” clothing. I find it really weird. It looks like a tribal suit for me which made me […]