Clean Slate


  Light, dressed down, clean. It’s no secret that trends these days just come and go like a fast shift of the 80s trend to present, compressed in a year. But there will always come a time where you nonchalantly dress down. And when you mean dressing down, it also means having a “clean slate” […]

Style Weekend: The Fall Collection

Gone are the days of being completely deprive of strength and energy which prevented me from opening my blog. lt actually felt so good to take rest from everything even just for a while and so now, I am redeeming this blog of mine to finally put some progress to my numerous backlogs. Let’s first […]


  Cotton On black dress/ F21 denim jacket/ ohsnapph crystal necklace/ damitamnl mandals I’ve been wearing sort of same things until the end of this year. Lol. Classic, un-jaded and eternally stylish, that’s how I see those little black dresses. They seem to be the epitome of Hepburn’s A-line dresses. I think black dresses must be […]


My first blog for the year 2014. I can’t believe that my last update was last year and updated, 10 days after NYE. I see how I am missing out. Since we arrived at the new 365 pages of another chapter, I am changing my blogger design (what’s the connection anyway?). I think big letters […]

Blurred Lines

If you guys are thinking why did I called it blurred lines, it’s because my dress’ design are lines. It would be a lot common to name it nautical, stripes etc. Say hello again to another denim piece. It  made the whole style a little less monotonous. And did I already share how cute is […]

Velvet over Blues

This is what I wore last Bloggers United 5. The night before, gosh! I was really facing fashion dillemmas. Well of ocurse, bloggers united 5 is all about fashion bloggers (mostly) and their fashionable readers. You don’t wanna be underdress right? I considered a lot of things in choosing this like, would this outfit be […]

Back to Basic with a Tee

I have always considered that pants were sexy and very comfortable to wear. It makes you long legged and makes your legs’ shape very visual. However, it is also one of the hardest fashion attire to wear since you need a very nice and fashionating top just to make it more attractive. Wearing pants is […]

Brighter than the Sun

Brighter than the sun because I look like edward Cullen shimmering in the sun. Kidding! it’s too bright out there. Wearing shades is not in my choice. Well you know, doesn’t goes with the outfit.   I was surprise in photoshooting at this place. Why? Because before the sunset comes, a lot of Filipino photographers […]