In Between Hues


In between color hues Minimal styling has been my complete go-to. I am one of those that go like “Nothing to wear? ” “Wear black or white!” (I need to get more of the printed hued looks, I know). One of the rooftop sessions that I had with Monica way back months ago. I think […]


Before anything else, I want to share that I was dealing with weather problems (the blogger problems)  and school stuffs the past weeks. I guess I do not need to explain anymore. You probably know what this paragraph is about. Anyway.. The whole style was pretty much my usual style. If you’ve read my previous […]

No Rules

  In a “No rules” day, it doesn’t mean you can wear anything, I mean it literally means you can wear anything. But don’t forget to wear something that you are comfortable with and of course something classy! Outfit details Top and skirt: TOPSHOP Shoes: ZEI WEST Bag: NINE WEST Other Accessories: Wilson Accessories and my […]

Uncolored Aztec

Going aztec for Sunday! I know Aztec trend was over but their details are the cutest. You do not need to wear much in aztec since its design is already a style contrast. This dress is one of my favorite dressess ever. Aside from I love aztec, I love the details of its strap. It’s […]

Pauline’s Mood Writer 5/3/13

Another mood writer of Pauline because I felt like I have already too many obsessions for this month and I felt like I was in the mood of sharing it. So, here are my latest likes and obsession these past days. I’ve been trying to get rid of it but I can’t. 1. Heima store […]

Gossip Girl

Who loves Gossip girl? 2weeks ago, I just can’t remember if it is really 2 weeks. But I received another “look request” from a blog reader! Michaela Saul dare me to have the “Blair Waldorf” look! Blair Waldorf is the actress in the very known American Series, Gossip girl. I know a lot of girls […]

Summer Bucketlist

I know my blog had turned into a fashion blog. But this blog entry, I guess this will be my yearly routine! I made this last year too. I just can’t resist not blogging it and what topic am I talking about? It’s about “Summer Bucketlist”. Summer is one of our waited season of the […]

Safe & Sound

It’s not everyday that you see someone who looks like “mother nature”. So, I’ve been waiting to do this theme shot. Very fairy and very peaceful. I wanted to look like “diwata” hahaha. did I just knock it off? It’s not everyday that you see people wearing headpiece. Oh I wish I could walk around […]

White Easter

Happy easter! I am delayed 2 days of greeting you guys. Anyways, holy week is done and so Easter! And because of that, I can finally smell summer! But of course let’s be thankful for He has risen. Anyway, Last Sunday, we went to visit my lola in Bulacan to celebrate easter with my family, […]