Slouchy on a Laid back day

cccaaaa bbb F21 denim jacket/ Zara jogger jeans/  

After being an MIA for almost four months, I’m finally back on track. The demand of school’s work loads that I’ve been through is no joke. Taking a bit of my summer break goes to the jogger jeans trend! I’ve been saving this blog post for a month. Something laid back sophistication, not necessarily your workout paraphernalia and definitely not your usual jeans, that’s actually how I felt about this rage. So shabby to wear when you’re out and about. Since it was an upgrade of sweatpants, I can see both of its corporate and casual side. They’re not just actually for beyonce-booty-kind-of-level lol. They’re a savvy weekend warrior style option that can be perfectly worn with anything same as your denim jeans! What do you think about this trend? yay or nay? (comment your thought below! would love to hear them) 🙂

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  1. In love with your outfit! <3

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