Seude Up


Camel Seude Cover up from HM/ All white from Moda and Stile / White Zara Shoes

Catching up with the fall season and the autumn trend with this camel seude cover up that simply hits my number 1 fave heretofore winter. Accurately shows that I just can’t get enough of come fall. My obsession with all white has got to my idea that it delivers a very sleek and clean slate that can be paired with any different color (yes right any different color) because checking on psychological facts white represents a canvas waiting to be written upon which connotes its versatily.

When in doubt you can actually pair same colors together (ex: white on white, black on black) and have an accent color (well in here it’s seude!) to light up the style or to give a little edge on it. A cover up can change a little angle in every look. This, actually why suede’s coat has limitless style and mind you, it’s not as heavy as you think or as thick as you were expecting actually it can be a perfect substitue cardigan or kimono cover ups.

What do you think about the comefall season trends? Share them by commenting below. 🙂


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  1. Michelle Vankova says: Reply

    Love your blog! I like that Camel Seude coat hope to get one!


    1. Pauline Birosel says: Reply

      Hi Michelle! That’s so sweet of you. I think HM still have them! 🙂

  2. May I know where are those shades from?

    1. Pauline Birosel says: Reply

      It’s from Sunnies!

  3. love the resort-feel! great contrast with the white and sunnies. enjoy the weekend babe!

    1. Pauline Birosel says: Reply

      Thank you! i love reading your blog! <3

  4. Paulina! This is a freaking amazing editorial. I love it so much, very cali vibes and you look very cool hun.

    1. Pauline Birosel says: Reply

      Thank you Karen!
      By the way I am loving! xx

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