Productive Shoot

It’s not everyday that I get an opportunity to flaunt in front of a camera (well, aside from all the street sessions shoot wherein a lot of people are looking at you while taking your outfit shots). Anyway, 2 weeks ago I did a photoshoot for an educational project exposing 5 different categories which is casual, portrait, high fasion/glamour, swimwear, copycat and formal. These are some of the raw photos from the said photoshoot. I can’t load some of the formal shots and I have no courage to post the swimwear. :p

This shoot is something new, since Decter Jordan (the photographer) flaunt not the clothes that I wear but the lights, the shadow and a lot more since this is for his photography class. It’s different than the usual photoshoots that I am doing since I was exposing nothing else, but my style and love for fashion.

Glamour shot: This was my favorite! I find this a little bit mature yet I see a lot of art movement in the picture including that pink sofa there! :p 
DSC_0125Copycat: The whole shot wants to imitate a picture from the brand “Guess” (I gues that’s why it’s called copycat). But the photographer says that the light striking my hips is the mportant part in here. 
DSC_0170DSC_019222Casual/portrait: I think, sweater is the perfect casual. I know that casual, most of the time pertains to blazers and shorts or comfy jeans. But to make it a little bit different, knitted is what I chose. 
DSC_0085 DSC_0082DSC_0095copyPhotography of Dexter Jordan Balasteros

I can’t let pass this shoot without a BTS/ I know I should have blogged the BTS before! But anyway, behind the shoot photos always explains how the creative process was done.

78c153a4454411e398ee22000ab78009_7be11cd62454911e3baac22000a1fbda6_7c959cd06453e11e393c522000a9f4d92_8And I would like to thank my best friend, Aly for making all of these happen. Well if you dont know guys, she helped me with my hair my, zippingand unzipping my dress and of course It was less akward in a shoot with a friend. So thankyou love. <3

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