I’ve been recently teamed up with different photogs which made my blog backlogs a little bit festive and overwhelming. Here’s one of the collaboration I’ve had a month ago together with debs photography studio. It’s actually nice to collaborate with someone whom you can learn from regarding with the subject you are passionate about. Every collaborative experience I had, gained me not only portfolios and photos but also learning different techniques apropos to engaging with cameras and such. It has come to a fact that doing such of this activity had helped me de-stress and relieve from loads of school work. The photos taken by sir Ronald Cruz are pretty much amazing that made it hard for me to pull out creative juices that would compliment the color blocks of the photos. I’d drove inspiration from one of my faves yanyanchan whom photo blog graphics and content as well.

From the on-going minimal and b&w trend of wardrobe clothing and using less dominant colors. I can’t blame the trend, the elegance of black is limitless. But I guess I’m in the midst of transitioning to nudes and pantone colors. Pastels can actually give a subtle refreshing look as per one’s eye. Can you actually tell since when did pantone colors started to be on craze? Well just like the minimal ones, it has always been there. But color blocking isn’t a piece of cake. You might think it’s probably just a color but you see, there are a lot of things to consider. You might not want to look too feminine or too pale and washed out. From the own perspective of someone color blind like me, the thing about color blocking weather it is for your clothes, aesthetic, designs etc. is to avoid sharp contrast to remain its natural sentiment. If you can still remember from your middle school art class, the color wheel major colors should also remain with the major ones while the minor colors should go with the minor. Before this post becomes a color talk, my point is, sometimes it’s okay to hail out of your comfort zone. Black with white tops has been my comfort zone for a while which (as much as I hate to admit it) made it hard for me to see pastels on scene.

┬áSticking out to turtle necks that has been overused for a while in some of my shots and of course the choker trend today. I still can’t let go the autumn style fever while you’re channelling your inner 70s look.
Let’s also give it a round for the culottes that can be worn whatever season it is. It’s just so cozy! Culottes before it goes on hand, has been very sleek weather paired with heels or kicks. And for jeans, I’d be a forever fan of jeans. I mean, who else is not? It’s an investment for a go-to go days weather you’re not a style type person or you are.

As for this shoot, I’d encourage everyone to go out of there comfort zone weather you’re a minimalist or someone who loves color chromes and you’d just might be surprise.

All photos are from Debs Photography Studio
Photo: Ronald Cruz
HMUA: Jo Miguel Cruz
You can visit their page for bookings!

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