Overall Overload

Lately, I’ve been thinking of ways on how to fully utilize my time especially that I have only 2 weeks vacation before summer classes starts. (don’t mention it. I know it’s such a bummer). Spring is one of the best seasons where you can wear anything that you are confident to wear. I think the weather speaks for itself. It isn’t awkward to wear shorts, sleeveless, etc as long as you are confident and comfortable in wearing them. Indeed, I am sartorially challenged in figuring out what look to try. Sometimes, look comes second to comfortability. That’s why I chose to wear an overall! The overall never comes out of the trend. We 90’s kids agree to that (don’t know if you are really agreeing). There’s a lot of inner shirts and tops to mix match with an overall, that’s one good thing about it. I just felt like wearing it while going have some mall walks. Because like I said, sometimes, comfortability comes second to looks.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERApageGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAOverall from Cotton On/ Fringe Bag from @FashionCravings/ Knitted tank top @beakthtrend 

I played with my cam’s setting and every time I do, It blurs the picture. Never playing with it again! I also had fun changing the pictures color to something neutral and unusual. Lately, I’ve been posting completely raw photos. So for a change, I imitated the rustic-whitish effect of some. I don’t know what the photographers call it.

I paired my overall with a fish net! Kidding! Knit and lace have completely something in common that I can’t pin point out. But they can be paired with anything just like ‘whites’ can. Sartorially speaking, it is summer and I have this idea that this knit top that I am wearing screams out best for the season. So what do you think about knits and overalls? xx

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  1. I just saw a bunch of overalls at the thrift store. Various sizes and styles. I didn’t give them a second look but you rocked them!

    1. Aww! Thanl you! You must try the! It never goes out of trend 🙂

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