M Black overall / Halter top from F21 / Strdivarius white kicks
Photos taken by Monica Padillo 

As they say overalls are like “peter pan” staples, they never grew up! It’s just so classic that it never go out of style. Too baggy to be feminine, too edgy to be normal and  too shapeless to be androgynous. I can still remember  having a pair of yellow dungarees when I was 3. It was my most favorite clothing ever. It is so effortless than you can wear it with a pair of tees and just go out and about.

Okay. So, to give you a little trivia. “dungarees were synonymous with the blue collar, Protestant work ethic. As well as farmers (they were originally called “slops”” It boom in the 90s when mario brothers adopted them on the famous video game.

Challenging part of wearing an overall is to what inside shirt to pair it with. So i’ve listed some dungaree outfit ideas

  • The Plain white shirt – of course. nothing can go wrong with that white shirt. Come on!
  • Pastel Shirts – as much as clean white can give, pastel delivers an oomph, combining black and hue vibe
  • Lace – lace inner top can be very vinatage-y or classic!
  • Off shoulders – I actually think off shoulders can be very versatile. Combining your off shoulder with your
  • overall is quite being a new trend.
  • Halter/Cropped – Halter and cropped actually took the whole dungarees to a new level. It’s more than that plain shirt and the oomph it gives to the whole look.

Dungarees or anything you want to paired it with chucks or heels and your good to go.
By the way I’m loving this army/olive green trend. It’s so color-ish that it can be paired with denim, rose pink and a lot more. I’m pretty sure to be wearing more of this color.

As I’ve said before I’ve been very happy to collaborate with different photographers. Social media has been a very helpful (i must say) way, to collaborate with different talented artist/ photographers. This whole blog post was taken by Monica Padillo. We actually have the same aesthetic you can check her work here. Hopefully I can start posting more of my backlogs soon!

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