On Layers


hm pants / stradivarius white kicks/ sunnies specs/ g&g top/ bomber jacket from f21

Far from my usual staple, I’ve come to engage myself not only with black and white dresses, nude aesthetics but now shifting and slowly drifting to street wear. I actually think that street wear is one of the biggest segments in the apparel industry. As we go towards the end of the year, we also, are about to experience dropping down of temperature.Rainy days (as long as it doesn’t leave any catastrophe) doesn’t only give you the benefit to take a break from all your work and prolong your lead time (suspension i must say) but  also, we took advantage of it by digging our comfiest clothes where we can fully wrapped ourselves around in.  And what way can you actually feel the change of the entire season? well, we layer to no end. One of the best days to layer and be suited with these oversize trends is the last quarter of the year  (almost the last quarter). Aside from denim jackets and oversize cardigans, I have never thought of indulging with such latest trends particularly, the bomber jacket. It actually can never go wrong with anything. You can even wear it on your wash days at school for more comfort. I’ve come to the thought that you should always keep your trendy fashion staples. Of course you’re going to keep the classic ones, like that little black dress in your closet. But you see, fashion is just evolving around. It comes and it goes. Who would have ever thought that bomber jackets is already bombing since 90s? Yup. more likely with that blingy-hiphop-yo-glittery/rapper style that was before and now can be considered as one of the most hype essential of the latest trends.

To expound more of the trends, one of the essentials that a school girl and a working girl reading on a morning newspaper may probably both have, is the eyeglasses that actually has a guileless effect of turning one persona to one.  As we enter twenty-sixteen (and year’s almost closing damn)  we’re witnessing one of the best fashion and utility combos ever which is the ‘specs’. It actually can evolve one outfit to edgy, soft, nerd-like look. I guess it could be one of the most useful fash essentials also (Hi nearsighted people like me). And as for the hair, yup some people call it the “kylie” hair, but it is known for the boxer braids. Well, raise your hands if you do the braids since you’re 5. *raises hand*

What do you love about the latest trend?


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