Lines & Pink



1Top and skirt from Landmark / HM Slip on black suede 

For the past couple blogs posted, I’ve been leaning towards anything black and white/nude which made me forgot what oomph, hues and vibrant pieces can give.

I find it amusing how today’s different trends give twists to some basic ordinary pieces that a lot of us have been wearing for years. A right example is this black and white striped button down that I am wearing. It can be worn formally by simply tucking it in. But what I love about anything oversize is you can play with how the piece falls into your shoulders or how are you gonna tie it down to a new style. And so I made it to an off shoulder; a style that’s been on since last summer (or maybe, since forever?).

Meanwhile, it’s no surprise that Pink is taking over and still getting it on the list. Rose gold, quartz, calamine and any other shades of pink has been embarking something especially seeing it in the runways of some of your fave designers; Marc Jacobs, Celine, Gucci and the list goes on. You’ll just love how at some point pink balances everything. It can go edgy with an all black but adding the color would tone it down to dainty. And hey, if you think Pink are just for girls? come on! it’s 2017. Do you really think Colors can dictate your gender? no, shrewd marketing! Colors has no Gender.  You gotta love this shade and how it can change one style mood to another.

To more colors..


Comment what you think about the trends and colors. I’d love to hear them!


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