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Processed with VSCO with c9 presetshorelines-cover-5HM california shirt/ topshop jeans/ stradivarius all white kicks/ varsity jacket from mom’s closet

There are days when you feel nothing but to be a lazy bastard and there are these days that you just feel like being too creative. When you’re about to have an outdoor shoot and suddenly the uncooperative weather starts acting up, pouring rain little by little, you may opt to have some place to eat to give you that comfort for the meantime. As we headed to Lazy Bastard, this gem gives you, what’s the vibe? Well it’s something that might make you feel like you’re eating a brunch in NY or a late night sweet run  to one of the coolest place in the corner. The place becomes neonited having the neon light sign board lighting up the whole place and my only thought is “yes this is the place totally!”. I’ve been having late night reads of nylon magazine and pinterest-ing with lights and photo as a  category that made me interested in light leak photography (that doesn’t sound like a style-related thing).

Anyway, light leak photography maybe considered as a  staple for that film/retro look. It can add a feeling on the photo. The hue/color vibe itself in this photo is completely natural due to the neon effect that the sign board gives. However I added an additional light leaks on the photos to  create more warm hazy photo. But don’t get it wrong, natural light leaks with no post processed and where lighting  strike on the light-tight chamber of a camera has a completely different and film-like appearance and tonal range. Hopefully I can do that too. but for now let me play first by adding little touch of different lights and overlay them, giving the electric feel. Hopefully I can share with you how I added all these light leaks but I think that deserves another post. What do you think? 🙂

btw, Lazy Bastard is located in Jupiter St. Makati City just in case you’re interested to drop by 🙂

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  1. Nice blog. I love those lights and colors

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      Thanks anna!

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