In Between Hues

In between color hues

Minimal styling has been my complete go-to. I am one of those that go like “Nothing to wear? ” “Wear black or white!” (I need to get more of the printed hued looks, I know). One of the rooftop sessions that I had with Monica way back months ago. I think it’s just in time to release this from the drafts, since drizzly season is starting to kick in. Two looks, and we surely went to minimal tones; nude and shade of black (the comfort colours lol).




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Black polo / denim boot wide pants/ boots- HM 

I had a thing for pants ever since, and before I know, I was loving the bootleg distressed pants which I thought was from decades ago. It was versatile and edgy itself.

Style tip: Oversize button downs can be a casual friend, but when your button downs are just too long and too baggy we go for the knotted-button. It’s easy to pull off and a little more sleek than just tucking it in.

Mid morning to afternoon subtle lights just had the best minimalist effect on shadow plays and rooftop sessions. Glad to have it, as me and Monica shoots. We surely gonna do it more often! And by the way, incase you noticed, this turtle neck top has been very photo friendly since then. When you shoot, you play with the sleeves and its neck sleeves as well. Lol.

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