There She Goes: Into Taal Crater (Hike to Taal; 2hour drive from Manila)

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It’s not everyday that I get to rise up early, not for a morning class or some readings and solving, but for a hike. I always have soft spots for nature and astounding scenery. So in the first quarter of the year, I decided to try hiking. I did a little research regarding the mountains that rookies can hike, and alongside with the other geological wonders of our country, I found that you can actually set foot in the middle of Taal volcano.  If  you think that you don’t need to hike and see the  “crater lake” itself because admiring it’s view from afar is enough, I tell you, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Flash news!  it’s just 2 hour far from the busy streets of Manila.

Since the Taal volcano is surrounded by  Taal Lake, be prepared to ride a boat before you can actually hike going to the crater. 

A photo of the trail that you may encounter through the trek. It’s a good hike for beginners since the trails are very evident and not too steep.Proof that it’s not too steep; You can ride a horse going to the crater! But we chose to trek on our own and I’m glad we did because if not, we wouldn’t have these photos lol.  There are also friendly people standing by at some part whom you can actually ask for direction or assistance.

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some part of the trails are smoking since we are hiking a volcano!


Photo of the the Taal Crater before we climb to the red lava area. Yup there’s a red lava area!

At the back, is a photo of the trail that we are about to hike to get to the Red Lava area. An additional 50 pesos for the entrance hike is paid, but it’s totally worth it since you get a closer look on the crater and the lake. Just be a little careful because this one is a little steep and the surface of the Taal is quite hot.

And, we are finally here! We didn’t have any tour guide but there are foreign tourist who offered for some photo shots. Come on who am I to say no? well I did take their photos too in return. lol! 

A view of the Taal Lake

funfact: The taal lake water is said to cure skin diseases for its sulfur composition.


via private car:
Take the SLEX road – Greenfield exit – Sta. Rosa going to tagaytay (this is easier than passing through Cavite to avoid traffic) 

via commute: Get to Buendia- Gil Puyat station (LRT1) – Ride a bus going to “Mendez-Tagaytay-Nasugbu” – Ask to drop of at Tanawan before rotonda – Ride a jeep to Talisay / ride a tricycle going to the dock where you can rent boats.


Bus Gil Puyat – Tagaytay = P120/person one way (bring an ID if you are a student for a discount)
Tricycle- Tanawan to Dock itself = P500 (this is back and forth, the tricycle will wait for you until you return from your hike)
Or you can try the cheaper way,
Jeep to Tricycle Stand = P22/person
Tricycle to Dock = P1o/person
Boat (roundtrip) : P2,000 max of 6
Entrance Fee: P100 per person
Horse Ride: P450/person
Tour Guide: P500


1. Eat before proceeding to hike
2. Once you get to Tanawan, there’s a lot of offer to hire a tricycle directly going to the dock where you rent boats (that’s what we did). But I suggest that you take the Jeep to Talisay and from there you ride the tricycle to the dock. It is a lot cheaper.

3. Once you get there, you can wait for other tourist to share with in riding the boat, just don’t let the management know that you’re waiting for other tourist to share the boat ride & expenses because they won’t allow it. The rate of the boat is 2,000 max of 6.

4. In going to Taal crater, you may choose to ride a boat or trek your own. Riding a horse takes 20 to 30 min to get to the crater, while trekking takes 45 mins. (depends on hikers). We chose to trek our own! you got to love uphill stops where you can sight the moment, catch your breath and take good photos!!!

5. You can also choose to hire a tour guide or not. This depends if you’re in a tight budget. But no worries, if you chose to trek your own, it’s alright since trails are very evident, just follow it! also, there are people standing by. They are very friendly! You can ask for directions.

6. Bring water! but in case not, there are stop overs where people sell water and energy drinks

7. If you plan to hike on january/february (like we did) we thought you might want to bring a jacket because it gets chilly at the top  especially it’s Tagaytay. but in case not, just wear a comfortable shirt/bottoms and of course shoes!

8. Use wide lens to capture the whole Taal Lake

9. Observe the “Leave no trace” policy!

It’s always nice to try this type of activity that made you realize how beautiful the world can be. let’s face it. You won’t see a smoking crater or a nature scenery by just sitting in front of your computer (don’t put up google photos as a defense LOL).

btw, “There She Goes” is a new section in my blog. I’d be documenting places that I’ll be travelling to! hope for more soon.

All the love,

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