Glad Tidings


Lights hyphenating, overhearing Christmas Songs, jampacked malls, long lines, you surely know Christmas Spirit is here. It maybe a lot different than your childhood days but the spirit will always be around the corner. Binge-watching Home Alone, The Holiday and a lot more, don’t you just love this season?


While ’tis season is the best to glam up with your best dress, it’s also a perfect time for some clean slate. All is bright, all is calm as what they say. ¬†As much as we would like to have some sequenced gold dress or red velvet dress. I think it’s adequate to also dress down for holidays. After all, holidays’ power includes time to free your mind from stress. Just feel the spirit, tho it may seem¬†perturbed to actually feel the vibe after all the crazy 2016 news. But this holiday, it would be best to free your mind but still be responsible, of course and have some little vacation to spend time with the loved ones.

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