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E1B2F944-630C-4F7F-80E5-FE4DB580C399I am in that time of my life where I try to set aside my “passion” and put some daily action. I mean action, in pursuit of goals. Times like this, workloads for me can be unbearable and next thing I know, the very unpleasant fact of life comes along; stress. In order for me to cut through it, I usually do the things I love (just like writing in this blog sphere) but if time hinders, I always ended up lying down and contemplating about life. As much as I would love to pay some spa a visit and pamper myself, I tend to save time or I just don’t feel like it. And so I choose, home. Because home is where we’d rather be. So I’m sharing you the recent alternative that I found, and if it sure is perfect for my home, it will be perfect for yours as well!!!


Favori Scents – Find Your Focus Collection

As I get through the day, my energy tends to fade just like a phone battery drains. I suggest you don’t take yourself for granted,  working. Try to take a breath. The find your focus collection, helped me work on my commitments stimulating my lost vitality by giving me the aroma therapy that I needed.  In case you’re not familiar, aroma therapy  is gaining momentum by enhancing your mood through scents or oils. The oils may activate such parts of our brain, which may control emotion for us to be at ease and feel a little de-stress.


This special set includes the Eucalyptus & Spearmint Soy Aroma Candle, Winter Mint Reed Diffuser and the Yoga & Meditation Salve. All three have minty fragrances that soothe frazzled nerves and help you breathe easier, circulating oxygen in your body to make you feel refreshed.
I love the aroma candle! The scent really made me feel like staying in a spa. The Winter Mint Reed Diffuser helped lessen my morning allergies and made me breathe better.

But my top pick in this package is the Yoga & Meditation Salve. I haven’t tried Yoga before but I just love how I can bring the Meditation Salve with me everywhere. For a person like me who tends to be sleep deprived, sleeping late and waking up a little early, tend to make feel nauseous at times. I just rub the meditation salve in my head, behind my neck and ears and it helped me feel a little better.0C2EF89A-679E-47F6-8D29-8CDC69093F3C

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FAVORI have come up with a special set of FAVORI scents and wellness products that will help improve the focus and concentration. Whether you’re a student, working professional or stay-at-home parent, we sometimes need help when we’re overwhelmed juggling several tasks and commitments at the same time. When this happens we lose our focus, become stressed and sluggish and we may not even get to accomplish much. In times like these, it can help us recalibrate and refocus. This Find your Focus Package will give us that much needed boost in productivity!

FAVORI Relaxing Aroma Collection 02 Aroma Oils

They also have different oils to choose from; cheerful citrus aromas and crisp herbal notes of this collection. The FAVORI Refreshing Collection includes Lemon, Lemon Grass, Pink Grapefruit, Rain Dance, The Vert (Green Tea), Verveine Fleur (Verbena), and Winter Mint.

You can avail the FAVORI at their branches at Glorietta 3, Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM Southmall, SM City Marikina, or Market! Market! or you can check their website for more


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