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First blog of the year, fresh from the phone’s “notes”.
I am still drafting all my backlogs from last year. I’ve been eager to draft entries since then. Well, aside from the fact that today’s rage may include posting straightly to instagram’s feed without anymore putting up blog entries. Yes, we’re in that age. But since day one, this digital space has been my outlet through everything (with or without it, becoming a business related sphere as it may seem), it’s a narrow egress from something that I actually do in the other side of life. There may come a time of slack, but what I have here is something where I always found myself going back to and i’ll keep writing to it, with or without people reading it.

And since it’s a brand new year, I won’t be using that clichè “new year new me” phrase but will have time to share three things I have thought made me see life’s value more.

Keeping Up with the Joneses
An idiom that I actually think, is still timely.
When we overly focus on what society does, we forgot how far we’ve grown as in individual. Doing things just to cope up with all the rage omits the thought that there’s more to life than just having that thing you’ve been aiming to buy for a long time (material things we thought we need), or
having a pretty feed (guilty as charged). Happiness will never be base on how much material we have but how much gratitude we have. To a fresh year, stop keeping up with the society, be more of you and less of them.

Work in Progress

As clichè as it is, small progress is still progress. There may be a time where we all get tired which slows us down or may even allow us to stop for “a while” but that’s okay. You don’t see what’s around you when running. Rather than, you sight see while walking. Slow progress make us time to see things which we usually can’t when things move a little faster than it usually does. Think, breathe, take a break. Save it for your next big step; move forward.

Moving Forward
Circumstances that we have no control over may be encountered but it is through wisdom to know the things that we can/‘t change. Focusing on our frustrations, anxieties and things we can’t change only hinders our productivity; our growth. It will never be easy to find hope at times of vexation thus we become despondent about it. Times like this I tried to live in gratitude, by means of finding something good about everyday (ex: blessing to wake up). I think if we make use the most of what we have, we go back to progress and we move forward.

May we all achieve everything heart desires, to growth? *cheers*

(For the record, I also think that people I collaborated with deserve a space in something keenly personal to me. YAS so here is the full set of portraits with a little bit skin-showing. Lol
Photos by:
Monica Padillo ig: @mbpadillo
Shauna Padlan ig: @shaunpadlanphoto
Dan Cabangon ig: @dancabangonphoto

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