Wearing: HM 1985 shirt/ Thrifted Gingham Shorts/ HM Boots  Featuring the gingham trend–  totally one of the spring/summer staple that some are digging in! Funny how your little picnic table cloth can be a perfect ensemble for a go-to look, from dress to button downs, to skirts, shorts etc.  The mini square box pattern isn’t […]

La Fleur

floppy hat from SM department store/ Daisy dress from Cotton On / Jenny Mandals from HueManila  Changing the game because we’re actually already in the line between summer and fall that triggered me to wear floppy hats these past days. Naming this blog post as “La Fleur” which is actually the french translation of “The […]


White skater from @GangandGlamour/ Topshop Denim Corset/ Espadrilles denim wedge I can’t believe I haven’t post anything for the month of May. The moment of summer for me has finally arrived because my summer classes had ended. However, it started raining. The weather is such a douche. Rain is very much needed because of the unbearable […]

Overall Overload

Lately, I’ve been thinking of ways on how to fully utilize my time especially that I have only 2 weeks vacation before summer classes starts. (don’t mention it. I know it’s such a bummer). Spring is one of the best seasons where you can wear anything that you are confident to wear. I think the […]

Jar of hearts

    Im back on track. After being an MIA in a month, i finally have time and more time for my log because it is semestral break. For now, here is a short blog post that I create after my asbsence here in wordpress. Forgive this lame post, since I’ve been having a hard […]

Laid-Back Wednesday

Going laid-back this Wednesday. I considered this outfit as one of the comfortable outfits ever that I have blogged. No plunging necklines, no heels to deal with, no losoe top that keep falling on shoulders and of course, very fresh to wear since it is quite hot yesterday because the weather is too confused if […]

Pauline’s Mood Writer 5/3/13

Another mood writer of Pauline because I felt like I have already too many obsessions for this month and I felt like I was in the mood of sharing it. So, here are my latest likes and obsession these past days. I’ve been trying to get rid of it but I can’t. 1. Heima store […]

I’ve got the Magic in Me

  who doesn’t want to be a fairy even just for a day? floral crowns are the best asset you can wear to look like one. Didn’t recognize that skater skirt would compliment a plain tank top. I guess color matches itself. Anyway, the fairy look ideawas from my friend who was with me. actually […]

Gossip Girl

Who loves Gossip girl? 2weeks ago, I just can’t remember if it is really 2 weeks. But I received another “look request” from a blog reader! Michaela Saul dare me to have the “Blair Waldorf” look! Blair Waldorf is the actress in the very known American Series, Gossip girl. I know a lot of girls […]