White skater from @GangandGlamour/ Topshop Denim Corset/ Espadrilles denim wedge I can’t believe I haven’t post anything for the month of May. The moment of summer for me has finally arrived because my summer classes had ended. However, it started raining. The weather is such a douche. Rain is very much needed because of the unbearable […]

Overall Overload

Lately, I’ve been thinking of ways on how to fully utilize my time especially that I have only 2 weeks vacation before summer classes starts. (don’t mention it. I know it’s such a bummer). Spring is one of the best seasons where you can wear anything that you are confident to wear. I think the […]

Laid Black

Black looks good all the time. I ain’t victoria secret body angels but I find highwaist jeans and crop top very perfect . I find dark colors  so elegant and classic.  I’ve been telling this since last year. It’s actually my first time to wear something black over black. I usually wear it with denim, […]


My first blog for the year 2014. I can’t believe that my last update was last year and updated, 10 days after NYE. I see how I am missing out. Since we arrived at the new 365 pages of another chapter, I am changing my blogger design (what’s the connection anyway?). I think big letters […]

Blurred Lines

If you guys are thinking why did I called it blurred lines, it’s because my dress’ design are lines. It would be a lot common to name it nautical, stripes etc. Say hello again to another denim piece. It  made the whole style a little less monotonous. And did I already share how cute is […]


Have you ever felt so lame and you just want to have that poker face look wherein you try to strike a pose and expect to have Miranda Kerr’s fierce poker face in her Mango campaign? Well, that is what exactly I felt here. (Dont get me wrong I ain’t claiming of being such a […]

Productive Shoot

It’s not everyday that I get an opportunity to flaunt in front of a camera (well, aside from all the street sessions shoot wherein a lot of people are looking at you while taking your outfit shots). Anyway, 2 weeks ago I did a photoshoot for an educational project exposing 5 different categories which is […]


  And you all thought this is a skirt? You got it wrong. This short skirt from @modaandstile is so much in cozy especially when you are the type of person who always feel cognizant when wearing a flowing skirt. This is perfect since you don’t need to worry when a strong wind blows off. […]

Jar of hearts

    Im back on track. After being an MIA in a month, i finally have time and more time for my log because it is semestral break. For now, here is a short blog post that I create after my asbsence here in wordpress. Forgive this lame post, since I’ve been having a hard […]

Neutral Shock

Neutrals are so easy to style just like my Zara inpired origami skirt from @gangandglamour (visit them in instagram also). Do pay them a visit it is so worth ewvery penny and it’s not cheap YET AFFORDABLE! Same goes with my ultra denim ombre vest from @polytowie! It takes me hundread years to style this […]