Elevate Your Style With Axe Black

Last year, Axe, the number 1 male fragrance in the world, launched its newest variant Axe Black, and introduced audiences to the world of the understated man. A light and refined scent, Axe Black is the fitting complement for guys who believe that demanding attention isn’t always the best way to be noticed. Rather, these […]

Productive Shoot

It’s not everyday that I get an opportunity to flaunt in front of a camera (well, aside from all the street sessions shoot wherein a lot of people are looking at you while taking your outfit shots). Anyway, 2 weeks ago I did a photoshoot for an educational project exposing 5 different categories which is […]

Street Sessions x Armpartymanila/closed

It is July yet my birthday motnh giveaway isn’t done yet! One down for free beautiful tops from modaandstile, now it’s the turn of the fashionating accessories from armpartymanila to excite you with their prizes! Armparty manila is giving extraordinary accessories for your ordinary days! They are one of my favorite accessories shops for having […]

Velvet over Blues

This is what I wore last Bloggers United 5. The night before, gosh! I was really facing fashion dillemmas. Well of ocurse, bloggers united 5 is all about fashion bloggers (mostly) and their fashionable readers. You don’t wanna be underdress right? I considered a lot of things in choosing this like, would this outfit be […]

Uncolored Aztec

Going aztec for Sunday! I know Aztec trend was over but their details are the cutest. You do not need to wear much in aztec since its design is already a style contrast. This dress is one of my favorite dressess ever. Aside from I love aztec, I love the details of its strap. It’s […]

Pauline’s Mood Writer 4/13/13

I present to you, the newest section of my blog which I call “Pauline’s mood writer”. *Drumroll please* If you are fund of blog hopping and reading blogs, you have an idea about this section. Most bloggers use the “mood board” section with a “cork board” picture but for a change I used a typewriter and […]

Brighter than the Sun

Brighter than the sun because I look like edward Cullen shimmering in the sun. Kidding! it’s too bright out there. Wearing shades is not in my choice. Well you know, doesn’t goes with the outfit.   I was surprise in photoshooting at this place. Why? Because before the sunset comes, a lot of Filipino photographers […]

Summer Bucketlist

I know my blog had turned into a fashion blog. But this blog entry, I guess this will be my yearly routine! I made this last year too. I just can’t resist not blogging it and what topic am I talking about? It’s about “Summer Bucketlist”. Summer is one of our waited season of the […]

Good Friday

Ash Wednesday, palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, black Saturday, easter Sunday. Holy week is a great opportunity for us to spend our time with our family especially those parents who have been busy at work lately, this time gives you an opportunity to go on a trip and spend hanging out with your family. […]