Before anything else, I want to share that I was dealing with weather problems (the blogger problems)  and school stuffs the past weeks. I guess I do not need to explain anymore. You probably know what this paragraph is about. Anyway.. The whole style was pretty much my usual style. If you’ve read my previous […]

Tropical & Nautical

Hello hello blogging! You have no idea how I missed typing words about a Sunday outfit and of course the very known, ootd. If there will be a Missin in Action award in Oscars, I am sure that I would won the title. I was swamped with stuffs and homework lately! experienced a tiring week […]

Velvet over Blues

This is what I wore last Bloggers United 5. The night before, gosh! I was really facing fashion dillemmas. Well of ocurse, bloggers united 5 is all about fashion bloggers (mostly) and their fashionable readers. You don’t wanna be underdress right? I considered a lot of things in choosing this like, would this outfit be […]

No Rules

  In a “No rules” day, it doesn’t mean you can wear anything, I mean it literally means you can wear anything. But don’t forget to wear something that you are comfortable with and of course something classy! Outfit details Top and skirt: TOPSHOP Shoes: ZEI WEST Bag: NINE WEST Other Accessories: Wilson Accessories and my […]

Back to Basic with a Tee

I have always considered that pants were sexy and very comfortable to wear. It makes you long legged and makes your legs’ shape very visual. However, it is also one of the hardest fashion attire to wear since you need a very nice and fashionating top just to make it more attractive. Wearing pants is […]

Uncolored Aztec

Going aztec for Sunday! I know Aztec trend was over but their details are the cutest. You do not need to wear much in aztec since its design is already a style contrast. This dress is one of my favorite dressess ever. Aside from I love aztec, I love the details of its strap. It’s […]

I’ve got the Magic in Me

  who doesn’t want to be a fairy even just for a day? floral crowns are the best asset you can wear to look like one. Didn’t recognize that skater skirt would compliment a plain tank top. I guess color matches itself. Anyway, the fairy look ideawas from my friend who was with me. actually […]

Going Black & White

My come back post after not blogging for 3 days! Been very busy with outings. I need to live my blogging life to the fullest since I am going to have classes next week. Such a summer bummer. Anyway, this post is one of the shot thet I am waiting to do. Yes because it’s black […]

Brighter than the Sun

Brighter than the sun because I look like edward Cullen shimmering in the sun. Kidding! it’s too bright out there. Wearing shades is not in my choice. Well you know, doesn’t goes with the outfit.   I was surprise in photoshooting at this place. Why? Because before the sunset comes, a lot of Filipino photographers […]