6innert top from / Zara sleeveless strap / Aldo Suede shoes 

Bemused by the layering trend? I know! Me either. Aesthetically approving to some, the nineties trend makes a comeback by wearing that sleeveless top over your flannel shirt. 2 things in layering; 1) seasonal 2) style. Seasonal, in terms of layering in cold days, where over-sized, baggy jackets layered over your basic top. Style, when you put that shirt first before your strapped top. Overlays of different shirt can be a bit awkward when not used to. Here are some points that you might want to consider when putting shirts over another:

  1. color compliment – you get your base color of your chosen under shirt and make sure it would be versatile with whatever color of the top you are about to put.
  2. bright layer is enough -adding oomph can be started by choosing one bright color of the shirt that you prefer to layer.  Before’s color trend, nude, to suede, to a little bit cantaloupe (orangey), the difference of the base shirt and the layer may add that pep on the whole look.
  3. if you are about to layer something printed, make sure the base is plainly basic or “just plain”. You don’t want to put so much print on print for it has a tendency to look overdress. Layering can be a solution in that lowkey clothing style.

Trends do come and go. There’s nothing wrong in trying trends as long as it is practically acceptable and by that, you mean, wearing it appropriately by not just going with the style but also its comfort.

You can get your inner shirt/top for layering from!!!!

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