Cafe Stories #2: Thursdays at Dusk Cafe


Nothing feels better than to stay in a cafe, not to work, but just to catch up with a friend. Come on, who doesn’t want good food and good company on a weekday? It’s a well known fact that 80% of today’s generation loves to work/study on cafes (guilty as charged). But don’t get it wrong, this isn’t for “show off” purposes. You maybe wondering how is it possible to study on a “coffee shop”? A lot maybe complaining about people working in cafes but its ambiance helps in shooting up your day’s productivity. You can’t eat or talk with your work buddy in the library can you?  so you find a place quite silenced but with a minimal background music for sure, a nice table corner with comfortable chairs where you can sit all day comfortably and that’s what we felt in this newly found gem at the heart of E. Rodriguez, Dusk Cafe!!

Dusk Cafe has a travel theme that aims to travel you in just  one cup. Their interiors gave a gallivant vibe with their world map wall and different country’s trademark miniature that each table has.

Best seller alert: Mocha On the Rocks (90php)
We’ve fallen in love with this drink with our first sip! The “rocks” on this drink is the “ice” mocha that is used in the drink which made it solid in flavor and I love how the chocolate balanced the bitterness of the coffee! If you’re not a fan of strong/black coffee like me, but still love that caffeine twist, then this drink is for you! 
lended Beverage: Caramel Crumble
Good thing about this cafe is that they also offer other blended beverages such as strawberry, cookies and cream and green tea matcha! But as per best seller, we had the Caramel Crumble! If you are a complete non-coffee drinker, this drink is for you! What we love about it is that despite that fact that it is a caramel flavored, the drink isn’t too sweet! The sweetness is just right and perfect, mixed with vanilla whip cream that made it milkier! Totally a must try! Full Dusk Cafe Menu average cost would be 400 for 2. Definitely worth a try! 

Me in their very instagranmable “travel the world” wall!!!

For starters we had the Cheesy Bacon Fries! Nothing can go wrong with Fries wrapped with cheese and bacon toppings! We’re totally digging it. Another good thing about their food is that, their servings are big just right for its price! This one order can be for 2 to 3 people already and their cheese flavor is so good. Fries dipped in cheese is very addicting!!! Next time we’re coming back, we’re going for their Mozarella cheese and nachos!

A must try: Chicken Teriyaki Wings! 
Wings are always a fave! This teriyaki Wings has a pinch of salty flavor perfect with your chosen pasta! Totally a must try! (they also have other Wings flavor such as buffalo if you’re a spicy fan and more)

On the table:   Caramel Crumble, Bacon Cheesy Fries, Mocha on the Rocks and their Carbonara Topped with homemade bacon! you can choose either Spaghettie meatballs but we chose this Carbonara. We loved this rich-sauced cream carbonara paired with our teriyaki wings!

Loving this corner spot made it too cozy beside their windows specially for Senti days! Lol 

ah girl Yel. #Apprecitian for taking some of my Photos! 

Don’t forget to bring your favorite people! Good food? Make it good company too!

It’s so rare to find cafes that aren’t too crowded where you don’t have to deal with fastfood chain noises. So when you find one, you share it. Dusk Cafe is perfect not only for hanging out but also for studying, doing your thesis or even business meetings! You can stay here up until 10 pm but of course don’t forget to order every then if you have plans too. Your penny is worth what’s on their menu! Overall, I totally love their ambiance and food especially their beverages. Recommending this to all especially those who love to study in cafes!

Dusk Cafe is owned by a Thomasian entrepreneur  Ms. Krestene Ayap 
It is located in the heart of E-rodriquez, Q.C. 
G/F G3, Garden Heights Condominium, E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave, Damayang Lagi, Quezon City
Open M-F: 10am – 10PM
Sat: 12NN-8PM 

Follow them in their social media account to see their promos, etc
Instagram; Facebook

If you know any good Cafes to hangout let me know, comment below your thoughts!

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