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It’s a brand new year and as late as it may seem, my first post for the year would be dedicated to this new blog section which I called “cafe stories”.

On the midst of decemeber, while taking advantage of some counted vacation days, I had a trip with my friend Ann and went food scouting, particularly in coffee shops. We’ve both been spending a lot of time in the previous semester working in different cafès. I’ve come to observe that people don’t just actually go to a cafè just for a drink. Some go with their friends and families for a little chit-chat and some bonding, while others, who usually go alone tend to sit, do workloads, read or even study. According to a coffee shop culture is booming because it depicts that “At a cafe, you are paying for the relaxing space, away from home and school/office clutter, away from at-home or at-work distractions, which can result in very productive environment in which to do work.”
They say if you surround yourself with reinforced people, productivity comes like a magnet.Here’s my first ever video (yup i did a youtube channel. I’ve been finding some relief from stress in editing videos and putting such different transition and effects. It’s “lit”. If you have, go subscribe yay.

We had our first stop at Commune Ph. It is located in Polaris Makati. It’s rustic vibe makes the whole place photo-friendly. You’ll find a long table as you enter, which is perfect for a team working or brainstorming for a project, or even an organization meeting. It does have some corner spots with a wide glass window at the back, allowing the sun flares to strike in as you sip your first espresso. Very cinematic, i know.

In the middle of their store, is their workplace where you see all the brewing and preparation for your lattè. Did I mention that they do 3D lattè art? It’s awesomely crazy! You get to choose between a panda, cat and I forgot the other two. It’s just so cute that you don’t want to drink your coffee and destroy the art. Their coffee tastes rustic as well. It’s bitterness didn’t givd me a headache. We spent almost P600+ (good for 2) for ordering lattè with 3D art. A croque-monsier and a croque-madam full of *throws confetti* cheese!!!
They have a second floor which can be reserved for gatherings. It’s hilarious that we are the inly people who visited their second floor so we took our time taking photos upstairs! What is sulit lol.
They also hold workshops. You can check Commune for more


IMG_00522IMG_0049IMG_0109IMG_0084IMG_0041IMG_4502IMG_0028As clichè as it may sound talking about coffees and it’s instagrammable places, i’ve come to realized that it isn’t actually the place which can be remarkable, but it’s the moment you had when you sip and relax with your coffee. I’ll be just living this inspirational note giving you a reminder that,
Life is like a coffee; the jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain Life, and the type of cup we have does not define, nor change the quality of life we live.Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee. Savor the moments of life!

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