The Black Morning Rush

Black Turtle Neck with trousers and Adidas Super Cloud Street Style 2015All black 2015 Street Style Turtle Neck and trousers


All black 2015 Street Style Turtle Neck and trousers

HM trousers / addidas shoes / black turtle neck from Trevise

Just when you thought this season couldn’t get any busier, then you might just underestimated the most wonderful time of the year. With people rushing to go to malls, hanging out with their friends and families, buying gifts for the last minute it’s beginning to look like Christmas. It was a sudden mini outdoor shoot. Despite of inappropriacy of wearing pure black this season, where plaid, red, white, sequency details are on trend, I sticked to my comfort zone.

I was so doubtful to be venturing with Christmas rush if I am not comfortable in what I am actually wearing. Well, for example, you don’t wanna be rushing through malls jampacked with people while on heels right? It’s best way to wear something that would get you through the whole day walk-a-thon. Turtle necks give a winter-ish vibe. One of the reasons why I wore it despite of it’s disturbing element on necks. (thats why it’s called turtle necks LOL)  Anyway, culottes and trousers are still on trend if you guys wonder, trousers can also be used for casual. Yup. To make it rare, trousers can be a substitute for pants (but take note, not all the time) well, you can use it if you are feeling less cozy walking in pants throughout the day. Have you guys been busy for Christmas? 🙂

Xoxo, PB


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  1. Jenika Aguilar says: Reply

    I love all black! Love your style!

    1. Pauline Birosel says: Reply

      Thank you Jenika!! x

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