White skater from @GangandGlamour/ Topshop Denim Corset/ Espadrilles denim wedge

I can’t believe I haven’t post anything for the month of May. The moment of summer for me has finally arrived because my summer classes had ended. However, it started raining. The weather is such a douche. Rain is very much needed because of the unbearable heat but weather is a plus factor in blogging. It’s hard to blog when it’s raining. I am no waterproof.

Not blogging lately makes me akward for real. And I am sorry I do look akward in the photos. It’s been a long time since I last tolerated all the look that I got from the passbyers and standbyers. That is not easy. Going back, I’ve been eyeing for this denim corset but it happened that it got sold out from Topshop, but still, I got one. Yehey! Thank you OAKPH! The heat of the summer is much appreciated because I had reasons to wear this kind of clothes. To make it not look so grungt, I tried pairing it with the classic white skirt. Yes. Neutrals will always be neutrals. It can be mixed with anything. Aside from wearing an all white with a denim vest, why not make your denim as a top! What do you think guys?

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  1. Love the skirt!

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