5 Things: The Trend and Rage before new year.

Title10818022_391653747657749_1845840808_n   2015 is definitely fast approaching. New year, new trend. But before we all embrace the coming rages for next year, I listed 5 different pieces that I think made a hit this year and will continue to be an oomph for the coming next year. These are the trends that I ponder to be essential and relentless in style. 1) Chunky Sandals/Mandals Because not all of us can stroll and walk around with heels on, chunky sandals are perfect for a cozy walk. Its versatility can be paired with definitely any kind of style. 2) Knit/Pullover Sweater Who doesn’t love knit and pullover? Aside from it’s tumblr-ish look, they come in variety of style, length, neckline type, different colors and a lot more. It’s clothing just automatically drapes back into the body that gives a svelte look. 3) Kimono/Blazer There will always be a day when you are so lazy to find a top that suites your mood. This is the time you’re going to need kimono/blazer for your “grab-and-go” outfits! Not only it gives a sharp look but it can be on point as a cover up expecially in achieving a modest mien. 4) White Kicks Chucks are timelss classic. Imagine how it was reinvented for fashion from college P.E shoes? White kicks appears to be casual in every way. This is why it is on point for all the rage! 5) Ripped Jeans/Boyfriend Jeans There are some days where you try to be so feminine and there are some days where you just wanna wear your boyfriend jeans. Who will forget boyfriend jeans? It’s almost everywhere! From your old mom’s jeans to this cozy piece, undoubtedly, it’s a versatile piece What is your favorite trend for this year? 🙂 Comment and share them below and maybe we exchange some ideas!

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  1. Great post – thanks for sharing. A pair of converse is never wrong 🙂

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    1. Thank you! <3 Yes definitely! Checking your blog.:)

  2. I agree with everything but I still need some Boyfriend Jeans – on the hunt to find a pair! My favourite trend is probably the kimono, I think its such a fun, breezy way to wear something.
    Have a great weekend gem!
    Much Love,

    1. I think boyfriend jeans are best paired with something basic like stripes, plain shirts etc. Yea! I do agree that kimono is so breezy and cozy to style especially that summer is coming 🙂

  3. I love those strappy sandals 🙂 I just put up a post on my rainy-day outfit with chunky sandals… feel free to check it out ow.ly/QhRSd

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