5 Things: It’s the season to that “Last Minute”

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA It’s the most wonderful time of the year! All those beautiful street lights, busy streets and people rushing to malls, you can really say it’s Christmas! As we grow old, our Christmas list gets smaller and the gifts that we want can’t be bought by money yet, I still believe  that everyone has their own Christmas wish list, tangible or intangible, whatever it is. It’s the season to give. So, have you finally thought of what to give to your special love one? Well if iPhone6 or something “too much to contain” is in her wish list knock ’em off and give him/her something affordable yet seems special!

Here’s some of the gifts I have come up with for your last-minute shopping:

1) Crystal Caged stone necklace
A DIY of this necklaces can be really special! (I believe there is in YouTube on how to make these). Each and every crystal stone has meanings. For example, honey jade stone means happiness. It’s one of the charming gifts you can give to your family and friends. You can get also get this @Ohsnapph (instagram account)

2) A Book
If you are planning to give someone your favorite book, don’t forget to put a dedication on the front page or back page of each book! It would remind them that it was the story you’ve wanted to share. Example of today’s good read book is the Landline by Rainbow Rowell. In case you don’t know, Rainbow Rowell is the author of the New York’s best seller Eleanor and Park

3) Pantone/Venzi notebook
This notebook is unlike the other school notebooks used, for it doesn’t have any lines at all and just a blank space. You can give this to someone and ask them to jot down notes and plans for the up coming year 2015!!! (it’s blank space is perfect for scribbling too!)

4) Sun Glasses
Sun glasses in advance for the opposite season of winter which is summer!!!! I bet he/she would definitely take good care of it for summer’s ootd lol jk

5) Statement shirts
Find some words that you feel sharing with someone and put them on shirts! It could be quotations or bible verse! @seashop has cool and awesome statement shirts while FISHIRTS OF MEN  has meaningful and soulful statement shirts!

Whatever gift you plan to give your special loved ones this holiday, price won’t matter because it’s the thought that counts! Hoping y’all a merry Christmas! Thou shall not forget that He is the true meaning of Christmas. <3

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