Clean Slate


IMG_601615IMG_60952Light, dressed down, clean. It’s no secret that trends these days just come and go like a fast shift of the 80s trend to present, compressed in a year. But there will always come a time where you nonchalantly dress down. And when you mean dressing down, it also means having a “clean slate” look. We can’t deny the fact that even the usual hype and fuss in clothing today took it to another level with oomph and sophistication, mixing the latest trends with the basic essentials. (Thanks to the styling industry!)

As spring approaches, it’s a fresh start to be effortlessly engaged in some crisp white dressing of modern clothes that finally seem be eluding some over-hyped retro stating. A classic button-down shirt is as essential to a wardrobe as a great-fitting pair of jeans but the eminence of it being too stiff always gives and impression. This makes me love the springdasiesph polo off shoulder. It completely is an oomph for the button-down staple. The off shoulder trend kicks in the basic essential. This staple is also versatile, for it can be paired with anything (shorts, skirts, jeans) just like your old white polo shirt.

As clean as it may seems, we tend to look for comfort and style as combination while making a style statement. That’s for sure. but the light aura of ours doesn’t only come from styling un-hued pieces and un-bold fash essentials, but  having a clean state everyday by giving ourselves an opportunity to start over something new everyday.

Photos by Monica Padillo 
Instagram: @mbpadillo (collaborate with her!)

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