Before anything else, I want to share that I was dealing with weather problems (the blogger problems)  and school stuffs the past weeks. I guess I do not need to explain anymore. You probably know what this paragraph is about. Anyway..

The whole style was pretty much my usual style. If you’ve read my previous blog, you probably read a thousand times how I find jeans so attractive and appealing. What I really want to emphasize about this whole look is that, you can never go wrong with the latest trend! I meant, it is a well known fact that today’s clothing trend are daring, shorter, sexier, seductive and mature, and a lot of girls can sometimes get hesitant in trying these trends (*raises hands* guilty pleasure). But this look is an exception. One of the latest trend today is the very known “midriff and cropped” tops. These kind of tops can sometimes be intimidating to wear especially if you are not comfortable in showing your belly and paunch. If you are being skeptical in wearing these tops, I suggest to pair it with high waist jeans. I affirm, JEANS. I prefer jeans than shorts if you want to have a moderate and conservative look. See? This kind of donning is very much same as an laid back one. 🙂

Outfit details:

Houndstooth croppedtop: @itsallabouthue
Highwaist Pants: Topshop
Shoes: @fantashoe
Shades: @Classiqueapparel

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  1. i love the shoes!!!! <3 but apparently i can't seem to find that store 🙁

  2. Yeah. I think they have closed their instagram shop already 🙁 oxford booties are very rare today. 🙁 But try S&H fashion shoes I heard they have 🙂

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