First blog of the year, fresh from the phone’s “notes”. I am still drafting all my backlogs from last year. I’ve been eager to draft entries since then. Well, aside from the fact that today’s rage may include posting straightly to instagram’s feed without anymore putting up blog entries. Yes, we’re in that age. But […]

Blue Holidays

Holidays may feel different than the time when you were just a kid waiting for the clock to strike at 12 to open your gifts, so I thought of doing a 2 minute video featuring the alluring lights of December. I’m wishing you all happy holidays! May we all find the true meaning of it! […]

Unmellow Yellow


After being hiatus for almost two months I have finally got myself working on all my backlogs. This was intended to be posted by Mid Oct-November but I least prioritize this creative space, for a lot of things had been really going. The idea; to post everything before the year ends. We’ll see about that. […]


Coordinate featured

Finally sharing some of the photos taken months ago from a collaboration. When you’re given the chance to collaborate with talented photographers, you grab that newest best piece in your list.There may come a time when mixing and matching gets too challenging that left you the option to Coordinate. Apart from all the basic and […]

Lines & Pink


Top and skirt from Landmark / HM Slip on black suede  For the past couple blogs posted, I’ve been leaning towards anything black and white/nude which made me forgot what oomph, hues and vibrant pieces can give. I find it amusing how today’s different trends give twists to some basic ordinary pieces that a lot […]